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Got interviewed by this dude: https://belthagor.newgrounds.com/news/

Here it is, copy + pasted from his page: 


I am glad you decided to fill out this interview Henyx, and let us know more about yourself.

I'm just an average 17 year old named Braulio Guerra, or most commonly know by the alias Henyx / Henyx Aster. Been maing music for four whole years now, and I can't say I would've rather done anything else instead. Over the past two years however, life's been a wild ride, my dad passed away during hurricane Harvey, leaving my mom and I behind to fend for ourselves. Whilst hopping from house to house, I've still managed to write some music, as I find it my main method to let out stress, this being the main reason I really don't like most of my music, since every time I re-listen to it, all I get are sad memories and broken dreams. Now, I sit comfortably in semi-permanent location, where my girlfriend / fioncee are expecting our child somewhere mid-November. (spoiler alert, it's a boy <3)

How did you make up your username?

The username "Henyx" is incredibly derrivative of the word "Onyx", since that used to me my old internet alias. In fact, back in my old soundcloud account, when I had just started producing, I noticed that link to my page was "/henyxaster/" so when I felt like I was ready to move onto bigger things, I changed my alias, and thus began a new era of music, as well as life.

Is there a certain message you want to give your audience in your works?

The only message I could see myself giving people is to always follow your dreams, and I don't mean that in a cliche way. I honestly believe that as long as you hold on tight to what you want to accomplish, not even the wildest stroms can stop you. My music has gone from questionable quality to half decent quality, so I feel like if I continue with the path I've chosen, I'll one day be good enough to make my loved ones proud.

Would you have any difficulty composing a certain type of music or genre?

I think in terms of composition, the hardest genre to make would be glitch-hop / complextro, and I mean good tracks, not just lazily made loops. I just often have a hard time sticking to their respective genres, since when I try to make basses for them, I have a tendency to get lost in the music and create basic progressive house or straight up dubstep.

What programs/instruments/other things do you use?

I use FL Studio 20 as my digital audio workstation, and Xfer Serum as my main plugin. Both of these things where bought for me by my dad, as he believed in me from the very start, so now I hold onto them just as much as I hold onto his memory.

Do you see music as a career?

Honestly, this is a question I've been thinking about a lot lately. I still have high hopes that one day I will be able to live a happy life with my family whilst doing the one thing that helps me feel better: music. Realisticly speaking though, it would take quite a while before this dream came true, but I know it's definately possible.

Are you working on anything right now? Tell us about it.

Actually, I'm really not. Let me explain: Recently, I've been job searching non-stop irl, so my time for music gets cut by a LOT, and aside from that, all the projects / previews that end up surfacing on my page are just little things that I managed to finish after long enlongated sessions of continuous production, telling myself the entire time that "I have to finish this."

Other comments? (This section is for anything else you would want to write)

Not really, if anything I want to tell any artists that read this to never give up, no matter how tough life gets, since I firmly believe that you and I will get far as long as we hold on for the ride.


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