Hallooo errybody! I'm here to announce the official launch of the Henyx Discord Group, heres da link:




In this group, anyone who joins will be able to hear my previews of unreleased W.I.P. tracks, live as i work on them!

You will also be able to ask me questions regarding any subjct, or even ask for help on your own music.

I will also host music production lessons every few days, for both newcomers and vets to discuss anything music related.

Everyone is welcome to join, doesn't matter if you're a fan or simply another random producer, everyone is 100% welcome :3

Hallo everyone, Henyx here with some awesome news to share!

As the title suggests, my songs are now compatibile with GD!

(Huge thanks and mad respect to Robtop, really appreciate this honor bro!)


I will now continue to write music for you all, and play some GD on my spare time,

hope to see what you amazing players can create with my music,


With tons of love,



(P.S. Send me friend requests in GD @OfficialHenyx)